Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How To Download Free Academic E-book And Journal Articles

[English] How to download free e-book and journal article from internet? Now day, many students in the world attempt to seek several academic books related to their study from the Internet. One may type "free download e-book" on google search engine. I couldn't give other resource or site but only booksc.org (for journal) and b-ok.org (for e-book). As this writing [06/02/2018] this sites remain accessible and easy to download. I have used this sites since 2011, but back then it was different domain name if I am not mistaken it was book-fi or something. It changed around 2014-15. In 2016 I found this new name of the site again. Therefore, you should check whether the site is still working or not.

How to download the e-book?

1. Go to booksc.org or b-ok.org
2. Type the tittle of the book you are looking for. For example : "Linguistics"
3. Hit the button "search"

screen capture form its website

4. Scroll down until you find the book that you seek.
5. Click Download Pdf, and the file will be stored in your download folder.

Many good academic e-books we can download from here for FREE. Yes, one 100% free.

I hope it is useful for all the students in the world, so don't worry about how to download good academic e-book or journal article from Internet anymore. Share this article if you think your friends need to know about this. I will try my best to always keep updating about the site.

Note: You can download novel too ^_^.